Underwater Dance

practise of moving underwater
unrestricted by learnt forms of interacting in water like swimming. using playfull and explorative ways of improving your aquaticity, comfort of breathholding and moving in liquid environment.
by adapting to 'water ways' you will discover how slowing down and staying curious can have healing and calming aspects to benefit from in daily life.

Open for modeling, filming and other types of artistic and commercial collaborations.
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I facilitate workshops from dance/contact improvisation in water.
Starting from exploration of a self through partnering till a group jam’ing we deepen relaxation, exercise breath holds and let go of resistance. Thanks to immersing in water and feeling of weightlessness we can improve the nonverbal communication, trust and non-judgemental attitude. We learn to slow down, listen and follow the water ways. 

During workshop we explore movement qualities and follow an idea that from feeling good comes looking good underwater. 

The workshops can last 2 days, a week or  1 evening. 

It can be conducted as an open class for all ages and levels as well as for specific clients, companies, age or any other groups. 

It can fit to the program of movement and wellness festivals. 

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undewater modeling

nonverbal communication


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