Natalia Wilk

My passion is to be in water and introducing others to it’s healing, relaxing and sportive potential. I am using freediving, WATSU, former swimmer but also dancer knowledge and experience to open the water way for you. 

I am continuing my own water way – by underwater dancing and competitive freediving – and invite others to join along, finding where would they like to go in water adventure.

Rather it’s freediving with more comfort, overcoming fear of water, swimming more efficiently or feeling weightless and fly while dancing or receiving water massage – I will help you to feel great on land while being more in water. 

Contact me if you would like to:

– tune your nervous system

– overcome a fear of water

– increase listening quality

– communicate with yourself better

– swim more efficient

– freedive with ease

– look amazing in water


Natalia Wilk dance'N'depth