Molchanovs wave 1 & 2 // SSI level 1 & 2 Course is the best way to start your underwater adventure. Learning how to conserve oxygen and safely go deeper while sharing your experience with a buddy is the biggest advantage of starting a freediving formation. In my work as an instructor I focus on finding an individual approach, underlying strengths to overcome insecurities and unexplored territories of being in water. Feeling good, safe and keep having fun are a core principles I am sharing with students, making sure you fall in love with freediving forever!

Wave 1 from 319 euro
Wave 2 from 419 euro
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You are certified, yet - have no clear vision how to prolong your journey in freediving. The pleasure of the sport comes from practice. In the individual coaching I will structure your sessions (for depths and dynamics) help to define your goals and give an updated feedback. Such coaching will equip you with tools to achieve goals while making sure you won't overtrain and keep it fun.

sessions between 50 - 80 euro
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MOLCHANOVS Wave 1&2 CROSSOVER // You already have a certificate from another organisation and found out Molchanovs propose way more advantages - feel free to update your skills, get an access to new materials, community, webinars and Base Training -weekly designed program for training in all disciplines created by top level freedivers.

starts from 100 euro
CONTACT for details and inquiries