Freediving Course WAVE 1 Siegburg, dive4life

Wave 1 course Molchanovs

Introduction to the underwater world and breathholding.

In this course you will discover methods of prolonging your breathhold and the basic safety rules to make your training and journey through freediving world more comfortable. We will define your natural predispositions and find areas you have room for improvement. You will take the deepest inhale in your life and discover that you were born to immerse.

Before we start the land workshops and water sessions we will complete the theory part of the course during online sessions.

After completing a course you will become a certified Wave 1 freediver and a member of Molchanovs club, getting an access to training plans helping you with programming your progress before you go for another course.

WHEN//  18-19th  of  November 2023

WHERE// dive4life, Siegburg

WHAT //  wave 1 course – practising STATIC, DYNAMICS and DEPTH disciplins (including NO FINS) , breathing exercises, stretching, dry breathhold, safety and rescue

PRICE//  430 EUR includes:

  • 2 Entrances to dive4life
  • 2 x entrances to the Octopus pool in Siegburg
  • organisation fee for Molchanovs
  • digital learning materials
  • certification feee
  • access to training programs Molchanovs
  • instructors assistance

equipment  availability  – ask me!

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