AIDA Freediving World Championships, Limassol, Cyprus 2023

AIDA Freediving World Championships,
Limassol, Cyprus
4 x white card ⬜️
3xPB 🍰
1xNational Record 🇵🇱
4th place in CNF classification 🥳
8th in general ranking
⬜️ 53m CNF NR 🇵🇱
⬜️ 58m CTWB PB
⬜️ 65m FIM
⬜️ 63m CTW PB
I am extremely happy with my results. It is the 3rd depth competitions of mine and a 2nd season of competitive freediving.
This year I had literally 1 month of depth training as I was mostly focusing on pool. A month before World Championships I was crying to my pillow, early turning on 50m and felt like sh*** freediver.
Coming to Limassol I learnt that it ALWAYS make sense to GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE and that I am so not the only one with doubts and rollercoster emotions around freediving performances.
I am forever thankful to:

💙 @kalamatafreedivers for choosing me as a winner of 1month free training at their facility. Without this opportunity and the most friendly and heartwarming atmosphere you provide -none of this would happen. Thank you also to everyon I met in Kalamata – you became dear friends and best advisors 🙏🤗

💙 @freedive_halle & @freedive_leipzig for your support and training together in cold and dark german lakes

💙 @aidafreediving, safeties, judges, medical team, assistants, photographers and everyone involved in preparing the World Championships. I felt safe and taken care of. And I forgot about all the stress I arrived to the comp with.

💙 last but not least – my patient partner Joscha to be here with me and for crucial emotional support within the entire season ❤️
It is hard not to notice that freediving as sport and community goes through an intense momment of reformulating rules and safety measurments. Some voices are heartbraking, some hateful, some radical.

I am glad I can be part of this discussion and observing how we are going out of it stronger, wiser and with more understanding about human body in immersion. 🙏💙@freediving_poland


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