30th AIDA Pool Freediving World Championships in Jeju, South Korea

After World Championships in Korea…

Finally finding a moment to reflect a little and say another big thank to all of you who joined my GOFUNDME campaign <3. Thanks to your generous support I could go to Korea and represent Poland in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.
My performances were good and one excellent. 🙂 It left me with a small hunger to train further and learn more from starts in such a big comps.
I did:
163m in bifins
133m with no fins
204m in monofin
and 5’33min in STATIC
All clean starts. All white cards.
The sum of those results placed me 10th in the general ranking of the competition. I am very satisfied with this position. 🙂
Korean culture, food and politeness in connection with great organisational skills makes me think that it was the best organised competition I have ever been to.
Additionally I could also swim and dance in Deepstation – 36m deep pool in Seoul.
I danced having you all in my mind and dedicate it to you.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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